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Friday, June 22, 2007

gStart v1.1

gStart can be used to replace your default start menu to a real grid menu with options to customize background and color schemes. You can also re-arrange your Start Menu order with it.

Version 1.1
- Fully compatible with QVGA devices such as C550
- Support for international characters
- Support for different languages
- Added options on highlight style of the grid icons

Language Pack:
Download here.
It includes: Destuch, Espanol, Nederlands, Italiano.

Version 1.0
- Allows you to set gStart as your default start menu. No need for any registry tweaking.

1) Start Menu replacement for SP 2003
2) Enables you to view your Start Menu items as List or as Large Icons
3) Customizable color scheme
4) Customizable background image. (choose image from any location - new)
5) Dynamically create, rename, move and delete folders on your Start Menu directory
6) Copy, rename, move and delete shorcut items
7) Compatible with customized shortcuts and folder icons
8) Re-order shortcut items and folders (compatible with Start Menu)
9) Option to use as default Start Menu

[1-9] - Shortcut keys to programs on current window
[0] - Toggle view (List/Large Icons)[*] or [Back Key] - Previous Page
[#] or [Left Softkey] - Next Page

Before uninstallation, make sure you have "unchecked" [Set as default Start...] from [Menu]--->[Options].

* Windows Mobile 2003


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