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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

DocLock v1.1.0

DocLock stores your sensitive information in a safe place - always at hand - protected by a single password.

After entering and confirming your password, you will be able to add, edit and remove pieces of sensitive information, organized in folders, which will be stored using strong 192 bit TripleDES encryption.

Advanced features include monitoring failed "Log In" attempts and "Application Lock Out" whenever too many unsuccesfull attempts have occured. These settings are fully customizable within the application.

From the security perspective, TripleDES keys are using random byte padding for added security of your password. Further, your password is stored using inreversible MD5 hashing algorithm, meaning not even the makers of DocLock is capable of getting your password. Finally a 2 minute inactivity Auto Log Out timer makes sure DocLock does not just "keep running" in the background of your phone.

More information:

Download EXE
Download CAB

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