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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Automatic Keylock

With Automatic Keylock, you can add an automatic keypad lock and an idle screen saver like on most other mobiles phones to your Windows Mobile powered smartphone.

Features include:
* The timeout for keypad lock and screen saver can be configured seperately for applications and homescreen.
* You can exclude applications of your choice from the automatic keylock.
* Either use keypad lock or device lock.
* On profile changes to several profiles (Headset/Car/Handsfree/Charging), several actions can by taken.

Additionally, the screen saver has some nice features:
* The screen saver lines can be configured in respect to content and font size.
* It can show the current time, date, the amount of missed calls and messages, information from CellProfileSwitcher and a phone status line which contains information about the battery charge level, the signal strength level and the current profile.
* A line with status icons for the most important information can be displayed.
* Upon a missed call or a missed message, the screen saver can be configured to do some action (backlight blink).

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